Waterless Wash & Wax (5 Litres)

Waterless Wash & Wax (5 Litres)

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Give your car the deep mirror gloss finish you always dreamed of.

Remember how beautiful your car looked when you first got it?

Does it always look dirty, no matter how many hours you spend washing and scrubbing?

Would you like to see it regain its shine and polish, quickly and easily?

Diamond Shine has got you covered - the waterless wash and wax solution is what you need.

Wash and polish your car without a drop of water or sweat!

Washing your car with Diamond Shine's car cleaning kit and car wax solution requires no brushing, scrubbing or hosing down.

Just spray it on a microfiber cloth and your vehicle's surface and wipe down. Then polish the area with the second microfiber cloth and see your smiling face on your car's newly refreshed mirror gloss!

Let the world's hardest natural protective wax shield your car!

Diamond Shine's formula incorporates a revolutionary mixture of carnauba and nano wax, creating a thin but firm film of protection over your car's paint surface.

It provides it with a good-as-new shiny look, repels water, dust and dirt and prevents the metal from discoloration and oxidization.

Help save the environment by saving on car wash and car polish expenses!

Diamond Shine is water based and contains no harmful or toxic chemical ingredients.

By requiring no hosing down, brushes and additional cleaning gear, accessories or products, it allows you to conserve both water and money!

It also offers great value for its cost; a mere 100-120ML are enough to wash and polish your car from top to bottom.

Order today and benefit from diamond shine's 30-day money back guarantee!

What are you waiting for? Click 'Add to Basket", get your own Diamond Shine System Car Wash and Car Polish Solution Spray now and make your car look like brand new again!